Friday, September 01, 2006

New, new, new, new, and, yeah...New!





















Sorry for that little conglomeration of quasi-poetry, my hyperness, love for tea, and brand-new awareness for all things new. As you must know -and, surely, by now, you do- today is September 1st. Dear me, how the summer has flown away upon its frail but beautiful wings of golden sunshine. It has rained more in the last week than it did for months, and, wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles, I started law school.

(--Cue to the sound of a woman shrieking in horror--)

Oh, don't offer me any sympathies, it hasn't been so bad yet, and I don't think it will be so bad at all. Cause, ummmmm, I kinda like it. The classes -though often sheerly incomprehensible- offer moments of intellectual stimulation, and that is a something that has been a rarity for me this past year. There are very nice students where I attend, despite the fact that many probably think of me as that crazy germaphobe who inexplicably mutters things to herself whenever she leaves the bathroom...But then again, it's rather more likely that no one notices my freaks and foibles.

Well, I guess four or five or fifty people noticed when I sat down in the wrong class and had to leave while the professor was talking once I realize where I was -or wasn't, to be more precise. But surely that happens to all first year law students. Surely!

I do wish that there were more Jewish people in my classes -or at least visibly Jewish, cause if I can't tell you're Jewish, how do I know you'll want to go the distance in order to get kosher food with me? I feel a bit a sort of self-made religious fortress of solitude. Not because I don't say hi, and smile, and make small talk with basically anyone I'm sitting next to -and if I sat next to you, you know this is true- but small talk is not enough. I guess that's what friends outside of school is for. Right. Well, I truly thank Hashem I have those.

Ok, change of subject. This post has gone out of control. Initially, it was just supposed to be a three sentence note warning all of you to expect new changes in the blog. Namely, my new occupation -from teacher of religious studies to student of secular studies. From lackadaisical slacker to disciplined disciple (yeah right:) And....

(--Cue the drum-roll--)

The template will change!!!
To represent a new beginning, I'll change the background, color and stuff. Just keep in mind my limited computer skills mean I can't promise how soon it will happen. Also keep in mind that this is all during the month of Elul.

Ooooooh, signiiiiifiiiicaaaant!

(--Cue the intense and thoughtful nodding of the head--)

On that note, have a beautiful, wonderful, ever-better, new, shabbos!!:)
(And I hope you enjoy the new me -I think I will!)


kasamba said...

best of luck navigating the first year of law school!
I'm looking foward to the metamorphasis!!!!

Scraps said...

My, my--such changes! Hatzlacha rabba in law school, and in finding the other religious students in your school. And I can't wait to see the new look on your blog. :)

Pragmatician said...

congrats on starting something new, to a lay-man like myself law school sounds fascinating!
I remember the making berachos issue, I always took out a tissue and muttered the berachah under it.
It didn't make me look any less weird though.

Okee said...

kasamba--oh, gee, welcome back!! Thanks -luck would really come in handy, even if it's just to decipher the latin expressions one of my professors enjoys spitting out every other sentence or so.

scraps--"ch-ch-ch-changes..." hee hee. Actually, a wonderfully nice thing happened when an obviously frum girl came over and introduced herself to me -it was so sweet of her, and now I can say there are religious girls in my school! And, yeah, I hope not to disappoint. The new look might not be so cool, but as long as it's a ch-ch-ch-change, then...good.

prag--Thank you, thank you...and I think it is fascinating. Whenever you get a glimpse into another world, especially a world that shapes you own world so much, it is quite interesting.
As to the brachos...I'm actually really working on not allowing myself to be embarrassed by my very Jewish idiosyncrasies. I keep reminding myself, as long as I'm not drawing undue attention to myself, saying brachos out loud, washing my hands for bread, etc...they're all signs of how proud I am to be a Jew. And since I'm so lucky to live in a world where I don't have to light my shabbos candles in a closet, so to speak, I'll light them in my dining room. So to speak...

socialworker/frustrated mom said...

Good luck with school, hope you continue liking it.

BigRed said...

So how are classes going? Bored to tears yet?

Scraps said...

I'm still waiting for the blog's face lift....

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you're surviving, Okee, despite the initial er... awkward moments. :)

Keep strong! I'm rooting for ya!

Okee said...

sw/fm--thank you so much, i hope so too! So far, so good...

bigred--no need to be cynical. I really like the classes, and the only time I get bored is when someone raises their hand and talks so softly I can't hear them and they just go on and on and, that wasn't me! I'm a loud one. Right?

scraps--the wait is over!! She really had a lot of work done, poor girl...but she;s been through a lot, so we won't hold it against her, will we?

hisbonenus--where have you been? I expect you to pop your head in through my door every so often, and you're just not cooperating! And awkward moments are awkward yes, for about a second. Then they're just fodder for great, hysterical stories, so don't worry about meeee. Thanks for the rooting, and ohhhh yessss, I need strength! Like always, that is something I always, always need. (and for some reason, just lifting weights at the nearby gym just isn't doing it for me...)