Thursday, October 26, 2006

I'm Back and Better than Ever!

Well. I guess I could preface my post with some cute statement about how clearly I have been neglecting my poor, sweet blog and all my dear, innocent readers, but...I don't think I should. After all, this blog is not a person but rather a forum of discussion...directed by me, of course, but then again, in my world, everything is.

Isn't it so strange when you think about it that way. I live inside my mind -we all do, really- living inside our heads as if our skulls were little houses with our eyes glorious windows that always look out into the world of others. But always from our perspective. So nothing we see is without context, and nothing we hear or smell or touch is either. And all of our experiences are egocentric, and all of our responses are shaped by that egocentricity. But if life were not that way, without individuality, without the concept of self...where would we be? There'd be no life, not as we know it. There'd be no we.

I've noticed (again with the "I", but we already established the need for such self-absorption) that I have fleeting bursts of major philosophy, and if I don't express it, it will not-get-out-of-my-head. I've been thinking about tall this "me-ness" for weeks now. But...due to my neglect of the OkeeJew world (hee hee, my world), I never expressed it. For although I do have another tendency, that of blurting out my philosophies to the most random of creatures somewhere in between talk of the weather and "oh, I gotta go, sorry, bye", I never yet blurted out my obsession with myself.

So. There you go.

Okay, it's not an obsession. Really.

Oh, I gotta go. Sorry. Bye.