Friday, May 05, 2006


Yayyyy!!! A neeeewwww poooooosssttt!

I'm so excited! And I just can't hide it!! And I'm breaking the cardinal rule of not using too many exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!! So...I'll stop. How sad. Just a tiny little dot, a period is. All it does is stop a sentence. But it can't stop me! (oops.)

"Okee my beautiful, wonderful, intelligent, kind friend, why on earth are you so excited? Did you get engaged or something?"-you ask.

"Oh, no, nothing like that. I'm just so very happy, because I'm alive, and healthy, and in love with...the world!! And I'll use as many exclamation points as I want cause this is MY blog!!!!!WHEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I answer.

"Okaaaaay...But did something in specific set you off? Cause you're freaking me out," you remark, with a puzzled expression on your face.

"Ummm, now that I think about it, I did see a lot of hashgacha today, which means Hashem LOVES me. Yayyyy, Hashem loves me!!! I'm so lucky!!! When I was looking for parking near school today, which normally takes forever and I still had to prepare for my class which was taking place in another half hour, I said aloud, 'Hashem, it's in Your hands whether I find a parking spot. I'm putting my trust in you.' Less than half a block later, I found a spot!!! was easy to get into!!! Whooo-hoooo!" I exclaim with a silly grin plastered on my face.

"Er," you point out hesitantly, not wanting to dispel my cloud of happiness and peace, "My dear Okee, that's just one parking space. Why the big deal?"

"Oh, c'mon, don't you get it? Hashem looooves me! Even when it takes me 25 minutes to get a parking space and then I go back to my car and find an orange enveloped ticket on the windshield!!" I laugh.

"Oh...I get it now!" You say, a big grin spreading over your adorable face. "Hashem loves you. And...He loves me too!! Whoooooopeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bring on the exclamation points!!!"

"!" And so I did.


FrumGirl said...


Very cool, Okee! You are spreading the love and that is great.

Just curious how you got your picture to continue moving and not be stationary, I am so clueless with this HTMLing.

kasamba said...

We all loooove you!!!!!!
C'mon everyone, give Okee a great big group hug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eshet Chayil said...

Awesome post. Put a huge smile on my face first thing today. Muah!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pragmatician said...

such a cool post, I so share your feeling of Gratitude to H'Ashem when an easy parking spot is spotted right away..
Why be stingy with those?:)

kasamba said...

My friend Okee;
I think it's wonderful that your heart is still dancing away...

Okee said...


Love is in the air! The best kind! The kind that everyone can share!
(Whew--I exhaust myself:-)
By the way, I came home form work today feeling the opposite of this post, just totally and completely...ick. But reading it again lifted my mood to way above shockingly decrepid. Baruch Hashem!

Frumgirl- I clicked on the picture to be a full size image, then copied its www.... onto the "add a pic" page in the add a url box. Does that help? I surprised myself when it worked!

Kasamba, Eshet Chayil--hugs and kisses back!
Prag--Today might have been an icky day for me, but the light in all the darkness was another (yes, another) amazing parking spot! (or should I say, spot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

David_on_the_Lake said...


David_on_the_Lake said...

Its an animated GIF
The picture itself is comrised of 3-4 pictures in a loop...

Okee said...

david- No idea what that means...I guess it's good I leave the tech stuff to other ppl!

Wes said...

It is great to be happy and such; something which truly comes from the Creator. But I am curious as to you being in love with...the world!! I am left wondering as to how that makes you happy. Your profile states that the world is full of darkness and deceit. Just seems contradictory to me is all and was curious as to where the happiness abounds in all of that.
David, in Psalm 17, gives a prayer, tinged with the pursuit of our Creator's Holiness, and being adverse to the world.

Okee said...

wes--you ask a good question, and I'll do my best to give a good answer.
Let me preface my answer with a key Jewish principle: Gam Zu Letovah -Everything happens for the good. Meaning that since G-d is Good, the epitome of goodness, He shares goodness with us. That's why we're here. But taking that further, everything He does to us, for us, is good. Everything in the world is, in essence, good. The question of whether it's sweet or not is most often debatable. Darkness and deceit--that comes from the fact that we live in a world of deceit (alma d'shikra) -but that works out for us for the good. (A world of deceit allows room for rachamim and beyond boundaries kindness from G-d) There loooooads more to say on this, and there are many, many books on this topic.

When I said I was "in love with...the world", I meant that I was in love with the world of Hashem- a world of intrinsic, though often hidden, goodness and occasional, but very nice, sweetness. The darkness and deceit of the people around me cannot hurt me, really, eternally, if G-d is with me. And in the moments when I feel Him taking care of me so radiantly, I can't help but feel He is with me, and I say "I love the world!" As you referenced King David, so will I: "Although I walk in the calley of the shadow of death, I will not fear evil, because You are with me."

I hope that explains it, and helps you to fall a little bit more in love with the world. It truly can be a beautiful place!