Thursday, May 25, 2006

No Think To Think About---yeah, right!

I WISH I had no think to think about. Weeeeeellll, actually I don't wish that. Can you imagine? Nothing to think about? At all? Can a more terrible fate befall any man? Or woman? Especially a woman? Not even thinking about what to eat for lunch? Or dinner? Oish.

Ok, I think we all got the point.

Hmm. It just struck me that I asked a lot of questions just now, sort of the opposite of a previous, very jolly post where I exclaimed a lot of exclamations...Maybe, in a reaction to the last two posts in which I thought a great deal, and very seriously too, I'll leave the thinking to y'all, and just ask. That's ok, right?

Why don't I know what to wear to the siyum thing I'm going to tonight in Jersey?
Why does marking papers and grading tests cause me pain-internally and externally?
When will my coughing turn into sneezing?
Why does 7-11 never make good slurpees anymore?
If all you need is love, then why am I going to law school?
Will I maintain my scholarship there?
Will my students remember me always?
Will they wish they didn't?
Will I wish they didn't?
Am I going to Israel in the summer?
Is it going to get too hot outside to continue wearing winter clothes?
Does it matter?
Does anything?


And for the biggest question of all:
Should I post chapters from the book I'm writing, in order to entertain and get some critical feedback?
(I think that might be fun. :)

Well, I asked many, many, too many questions, when really all I wanted was to know the answer to the last one. Isn't it funny, though, that you could be thinking "tmi!" (too much info) in response to so much questioning? Isn't it ironic? Don'tcha think? It's like raiiiii-aiiiin... oops! Lapsed to Allanis...won't happen again. Bli neder.

So, I think this post is done, but I'm not sure it accomplished the mission statement I had in my head. Not to be needy or anything (no, neeeever that!), but maybe if you reassure me that it seems my goals were met, then I wouldn't worry so much.

Whoa. This angst of mine is totally a result of feeling like the school year is ending and I didn't accomplish all I set out to do and now they have finals but, really, have I taught them anything? and now I'm going to law school and this was my chance to get it all in, but now I'll have to wait at least 3 years, and....I'll stop now. Befor I get a head of myself. Not that that's possible, given how much I've been procrastinating.

Have a great day! or ?


turquoiseblue said...

yeah, even reading the post made me say "ARGHH!"

turquoiseblue said...

But also... verrry impressed with all that you're cramming into your life there... keep on keeping on!

kasamba said...

I think you underestimate yourself- Okee- you're more like Right-on!

(Eww.. does that word show my age?)

Datingmaster, Jerusalem said...


FrumGirl said...

There should be more teachers out there like you are... dedicated... I think its great that you think... keep on thinking and good luck in law school!

Pragmatician said...

It's not as bad as it looks, really :)
And please share your writing (fiction) with your blog readers

Okee said...

turquise blue--arghh!! Yep!

kasamba--thanks! and, right-on? I think I'll use it!

frumgirl--thank you so much! as a teacher, I am dedicated, although not nearly as much as a teacher must be. dedication to the "cause" is key for its success, and what teacher doesn't long for the success of her students?, uh, thanks!

prag--:) I think I will. As soon as I get my act together. Er, no, make that sooner -otherwise it'll never happen!

socialworker/frustrated mom said...

We all procrastinate some more than others. You do it with style.