Sunday, April 16, 2006

Rejection and Rejoicing

Ok, so I promised to mention the not such good news, which I worded as such since it is so not "bad news" since bad news is indicative of tragedy and this does not fit itself in that category. Thank G-d. Anyway, by now I think all law school applicants received their acceptance/rejection letters, and so did I. I did not get in to most of the schools I wanted to. So, sorry to tell y'all, but this semi-blonde is not going to Harvard. That's quite alright with me, though, since I did get into a school that was my first-and-a-half choice, meaning it wasn't my first or second choice but somewhere in between. It's very easy to see now that it will also be the best choice for me, personally. I hope it works out to be the best!

When I found out, I was a little disappointed, but to be brutally honest, it only hurt my pride -not my hopes. I'm ashamed to say that I'm used to success much more than failure, and it was a little bit of a sting that certain, unnamed schools didn't see just how spectacularly amazing I am. Oh, well, enough about my ego. The reason why it was only a little disappointing was because throughout my life, whenever I thought my life would go in one direction, it went in the complete opposite. Examples would have to be general, to maintain my anonymity and my vague aura of mystery! I thought I'd go to seminary for one year and be done. Nope. I thought I'd go to a prestigious, ivy league college. Definitely not. I thought I'd never have a boyfriend, or any boy type relationships until I start formally dating, and then I'd marry the third or fourth guy I date. Uh, nope. (more on that another time)

Really there's nothing left to say 'bout that except: "Rabos Machshavos B'Lev Ish, V'Atzas HaShem He Sakum"! Or, in more colloquial terms, "Man Plans, G-d Laughs."

Life is an everchanging adventure. I just hope that I can also laugh about whatever comes next!

Btw- chag sameach everyone!! Moed tov!!! (I heard typing was ok, just don't print!)


Jewboy said...

Applying to law school is an ego deflating process. From personal experience, I can tell you that G-d has His ways in these things. I wish you success with law school. It's tough, but not quite as bad as people make it out to be.

Okee said...

Thanks jewboy -but don't worry, my ego is nowhere near deflated! I'm looking forward to the next three years as a fierce challenge to both my intellect and my determination, and I'm sure the school I chose will not dissapoint!

Chag sameach!

FrumGirl said...


Eshet Chayil said...

I wonder of somehow the world would be a much better plave if we would just let g-d plan while we laughed. r at least smiled, no matter what the outcome.

Eshet Chayil said...

*place (ugh it's late)

Okee said...

frumgirl- Thank you!

eshet chayil-It's so much easier to do in hindsight, once you get a glimpse that, oh, yeah, it was the amazing all powerful merciful Hashem pulling the strings, oh, yeah, i see it now!:) but you're absolutely right.