Thursday, April 27, 2006

Back To The Future IV -return of the yetzer tov

It's been a long time
Oh, such a long time
But why am I gone
Oh, why have I gone

Where did she go
That good, good girl
The one who grew
And advanced on the path
Where did she go

Many years past
She kept on growing
But she has since
Lost that feeling

Of living and growing
And loving that, knowing
She was walking the path
Ever walking farther on that

But now...
So silent, so still
So stagnant, what will
She become

So let's go back
In time again
To the years past
When life was lived fast

And in small, tiny steps
She'll look forward
No longer back
And she will walk

Forward and farther
Hither and yonder
Higher and higher
She will walk

Ever so slowly
Like counting golden coins
So they last
She will walk

Ever so gently
Ever so beautifully
Ever so hopefully
I will walk


socialworker/frustrated mom said...

Very nice poem. Visit my blog.

David_on_the_Lake said...

What a poingnant and hearfelt poem.....
Thanks for sharing..

But why the candle?

Okee said...

social worker mom -thanks, and I will!

david -my pleasure! I never posted a poem before, though I've written billions. I'm going to post a favorite poem of mine soon, as soon as I get the patience to copy it over. As to the candle, i picked that picture because a candle represents many spiritual concepts, like my neshama, inspiration, an internal fire, holiness...and this poem is about taking one step -just a small flame -to rekindle the fire of my soul. Thanks for asking, you made me think deeper into my pic selection!

Semgirl said...

That was really beautiful, OKEE . Was it your original composition? Looks like FrumGirl has some formidable competition now.

Lvnsm27 said...

beautiful poem


FrumGirl said...

Wow, this is great... I love heartfelt and bleeding poems. I know how gratifying it is to write them... keep them coming!

Okee said...

thanks so much all -I did write it myself! It's funny, cause I was going to write a post about it, but when I started writing, a poem came out. Now I'm tempted to write more and more poems, cause they're so much fun!

kasamba said...

Really great!

the sabra said...