Thursday, July 27, 2006

Can I tell you a secret?

Can I tell you a secret? I'm in the mood to divulge a few.

Number 1: I posted my poem "How Hard the Mighty Fall" NOT because I needed confirmation that I do have a budding career as a poetess (which I know I do not), but because I like it so much, that I wanted to put it somewhere where I'll never lose it. And I am NOT offended that only two, sweet, dear people cared to comment on my second-year-of-seminary poem...But I am a tiny bit surprised. I've been spoiled by all the double-digit commentary lately.

Number 2: I am not in my second year of seminary. I think you knew that. But I thought I should remind you, in case you were confused by a statement in the above paragraph.

Number 3: As you can tell from Number 1, I have a slight tendency of losing things. A tendency I happen to be ASHAMED of and DESPISE, but a tendency nonetheless. Recently, I bought a pair of cheapish-but-very-cool earrings, lost one, found it, lost both, found them, didn't put them back where they belong, and I lost one of them, again. Haven't found it yet, but I also haven't said the thing and gave tzedakah for it, either. For some reason, I feel as though due to my tendency, I should only use the "R' Meir/tzedakah" thing when I REALLY need it.

Number 4: Pause. I'm about to put two waffles in the (toaster) oven. Hold on.............Okay, I put them in. When they're ready, I'll eat them with my new "no-calorie pancake syrup". Yummy lunch.

Number 5: I try not to think what are actually the ingredients of my "no-calorie pancake syrup".

Number 6: I don't have a working oven-oven, only a toaster-oven. And no microwave. But I do have a (single) burner!

Number 7: Due to Number 6, until last week, I ate almost every meal out of a take-out box from a local kosher establishment. They got to know me a little too well, so I went grocery shopping and started cooking. Hence the (Eggo) waffles.

Number 8: I'm sure you can't tell, but I am SOOOOOO stressed out right now. Between family stuff (nothing major, just a little, but heyyy), school stuff (I sorta didn't yet graduate college, but I'm starting law school in less than a month), work stuff (nothing big, just lots and lots of little things), life stuff (aka miscellaneous, like how I'm planning on finding a new roommate and a new apartment and a new location in the next three weeks, and how I need a fax machine but I have none, and I need a car, but don't have one), and everything else written n lime-green post-it-notes all over my kitchen, I'm going nuts! I'm going nuts in my kitchen, my dirty kitchen, in my dirty apartment. Grrrrrr. (Ok, it's not actually dirty, but I should clean it more often than I do.)

Number 9: My nerves are getting so fried that last night when I was watching the last episode of season four of "ALIAS", the sudden-out-of-nowhere car crash made my jump-out-of-my-skin....and three seconds ago, a loud noise from outside came through the open window and made me jump-out-of-my-skin-for-the-second-time-in-twenty-four-hours.

Number 10: To resolve all of the above, I nothing, procrastinate, and maybe hit Central Park tomorrow.

Number 11: The waffles are done. Bye, now!!


Jewboy said...

Good luck with Torts, Contracts, Criminal Law, Civil Procedue, Constitutional Law, etc., etc. , etc. Law school's not as bad as everyone makes it out to be.

FrumSingleGuy said...

Wow, how nice to be privy to these secrets. Hope the waffles were okee!

A Frum Idealist said...

waffles... yummmmmmm.

belgian waffles, even yummmmmmier

Pragmatician said...

bon appetit, I think it's time to acquire a microwave, it's quite handy and on the long run , cheaper.
Sorry I didn't comment on the poem, I'm just one of those guys who don't enjoy poetry much.

Lvnsm27 said...

That waffle pic looks delicious.

I know what you mean about misplacing stuff. Happens to me too.

socialworker/frustrated mom said...

That was great glad to learn more deep things about you lol.

Okee said...

jewboy--thanks for the info! I'm not so nervous about starting law school because of the academic difficulty (I happen to be an academic optimist -I tend to assume I will shine in any school, until proven otherwise!), although I am generally nervous about entering my first co-educational experience, and my first truly educational experience in a long time.

frumsingleguy--see, now you know where to go to get a girl's deepest, darkest secrets. Hee hee. And btw, the waffles were more than okee!

frumidealist-- yep! yummmmm.. (The best is toasted waffles with a little melted butter and maple syrup on good, and soooo not on my diet!)

prag--I'm waiting until I move in a month or two before I get a microwave...aka procrastinating a month of two... And as to the poetry-I love writing it, but not such a fan of reading it, either. One of these days I plan to develop a taste for it.

Okee said...

lvnsm27-- misplacing stuff used to be the bane of my existence! But now, unfortunately, I just got used to it.

sw/fm--yeah!! I know, I'm sooo deep! Hey, I can't give away alll my secrets -a girl has to retain some mystery these days. :)

Anonymous said...

Another fantastic Okee post, although i have to admit a familial bias. Keep up the goood work!!!
Now I have to go read the poem.

Okee said...

Thanks! I appreciate the not-so-anonymous comment!